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How we stand out from the rest

At Big Oaks Massage we pride ourselves in offering the best massage therapy service that is available in the Etobicoke Lake Shore community as well as the entire GTA Peel Region. Here at Big Oaks Massage we combine several massage therapy techniques into each individual massage treatment. Whether you are looking for a relaxation massage or a deep tissue massage, we will draw from different massage techniques to cater to your individual needs.

We make you comfortable by first asking questions where you can share the reason for seeking massage therapy. Perhaps you've had a stressful week, you've spent many hours at your desk in front of a computer, or you're a parent with young children who require your undivided attention. Maybe you've been working out and your muscles are sore, or maybe you've injured yourself in some way. You may share whatever you like in this brief initial interview.

We start your massage by letting you get comfortable on a soft, heated massage table, in a clean and peaceful environment. We'll play some relaxing music and begin with simple, relaxing compressions as you lie underneath the sheet and blanket. Here you can begin relaxing and clearing your mind as we assess the different areas of your body where you might be holding tension or where your muscles are tight.

Next we'll uncover just those areas of your body where we work with your dry skin to begin some myo-fascial release techniques. These involve spreading, skin rolling, picking up, and bowing your skin, in order to identify areas of stiffness and to locate trigger points.

Once the soft tissue is relaxed and infused with fresh blood, we add a bit of oil to apply some Swedish Massage techniques, including effleurage and petrissage, which begins to get deeper into your muscles, all the time checking in to determine how much pressure is right for you. The amount of pressure varies with each individual. Some people prefer a more soothing, mild amount of pressure and others prefer a deep tissue massage. We will determine your preference and deliver exactly what is right for you.

Whether you would like us to focus on a specific area of your body, or you would prefer a full body massage, you will always leave Big Oaks Massage completely satisfied. Guaranteed.

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