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About the clinic

Big Oak

The name Big Oaks Massage was inspired by the old growth tree canopy of this region. The photos on this site and on the Big Oaks Massage Facebook page, were taken in and around South Etobicoke, where the clinic is located.   


Newly renovated in the summer of 2020, the clinic was designed with attention to comfort, quiet and privacy. Clients arrive one at a time with a minimum of 30 minutes between sessions, which provides focused attention on each individual. Parking is free. 


The online booking system is simple and user friendly. It provides direct access to the schedule, where you can easily book, view, or change your appointments. Booking by phone, email, or text is also welcome. Special requests are welcome.

 The initial "Intake form" and the "Consent for the treatment of sensitive areas" forms are emailed prior to your appointment and are easily completed online using any device. All forms of payment are accepted and your receipt can be emailed or printed.

If you wish, we can submit an insurance claim on your behalf. Just provide your insurance information at the time of your first booking, and if the company is one that we can access through our portal, we will take care of the submission for you. 

Feel free to call or write any time. 

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